About  Us         

Where We're From

Big Fun was founded by 9 music education students at Southeastern Louisiana University in 2010. The idea was to create a brass band that was able to perform a wide variety of music without sacrificing style or cleanliness. More importantly the idea was to create a reliable group of musicians that could provide clients with exactly what they ask for.

Where We Are

Big Fun is owned and operated by one of it's founding members Corey Bostic. The group has had thousands of performances over the past 10 years. We now work with a network of roughly 50 musicians, booking and managing groups to fit the needs of our clients. We perform 2nd line parades, wedding receptions, cocktail hours, corporate events, and Mardi Gras parades. The members of BIG FUN are dedicated to bringing the great music and relaxed atmosphere of New Orleans with us wherever we go!

Where We are Going

While we are very satisfied with the business we've grown, we are always looking for ways to improve. Big Fun is currently working on expanding its repertoire and bringing in more talented, reliable musicians. Our business model is simple: Be honest and deliver a quality product. We hope to continue to build the quality of our brand and reach more clients each year.