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Big Fun is not just a 2nd line band! We also play for wedding receptions throughout the year. We've been doing this for years, and we know the drill.


We start out with light jazz while your guests are finding seats and starting meals. When guests are finishing their meals, we transition into some more uptempo brass band and funk selections. For the last portion of the evening, we play popular wedding band tunes in the style of a brass band. This way we can get your guests dancing to songs that they know, while still providing a uniquely New Orleans experience.

You probably have specific songs in mind for your first dance, as well as your mother/son, father/daughter, and money dances. If enough notice is given, we can learn just about anything that you want to hear. If we aren't able to learn it, we are able to play recordings of any song through our PA. You can even build your own playlist that we will use for our breaks!

With decades of combined experience, the members of BIG FUN Brass Band are able to feel out a crowd, and play appropriately. Let us know what sort of feel you are going for, and we will get it done! Or, feel free to involve us in the planning process. We have had some great times at wedding receptions. Let us help you make yours a stress-free success!

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