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Make a Payment:    

Please DO NOT make a payment until you've signed your contract with Abby!

If you've already signed a contract, please proceed with any one of the payment options below. ​Please let us know which method you're using!

1. Mail us a check to 320 Monticello Ave. Apt D Jefferson, LA 70121.

2. Bring a Check to any Capital One Branch, and deposit it right into our account. You'll need the following info:

  • Account Name: Big Fun Brass Band, LLC

  • Routing Number: 065000090

  • Account Number: 208 240 6142

4. Pay via Paypal/Credit Card: Click the button below, and change the "Price Per Item" amount to the amount that you owe. You will notice a 4% tax for this payment method. This is charged by Paypal, and cannot be removed.

If you'd prefer a method not listed above, let us know.

Again, Thank you so much for your business!

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